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Being charged with a criminal offense can affect your personal and professional life far into the future.  Find out how we can help.

If you find yourself facing criminal charges for any reason, you may feel lonely and unsure about how to proceed. A conviction could result in fines or even imprisonment, and could certainly alter your future in a number of ways.


Let us help you by providing you with a diligent and aggressive defense which can improve your outlook greatly. We help with a variety of criminal law matters including:


 -  Felonies and violent crimes

 -  Drug crimes

 -  Theft and property crimes

 -  Securities violations


Don't risk your future by not seeking the proper legal guidance.  Make an appointment with us and find out how we can help.

We are committed to the idea that every person deserves a strong and effective criminal defense, and to be kept fully informed throughout the process.

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After 18 years of experience, the law practice of S. Todd Brecount can handle your criminal law case, regardless of how severe the charges may be.

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